How can we make people change?

How can we make people change?

Most people focus on how they can get their partner, parent or friend…to change.That direction of energy only compounds the problem and is futile as …changing someone else…is IMPOSSIBLE.We therefore must focus on ourselves…as change is an internal process.It is through this process however we can effect change in another.Change can take years, or change can be instant…it begins with a decision.Once change occurs, the perception is altered creating a new reality.Change is powerful, change is linear…stepping out of that cycle or loop of powerlessness allows you to tap into your true strength.Change begins with surrender…true control IS surrender…trusting in oneself to let go of that which is outside of your power and trusting in your own inner resources to deal with it.Letting go, in fact, is most difficult in the prethought of that action, once its done…immediate relief soon follows.Accept others for their strenghts and weaknesses, focus on the evolution of YOU.
Deirdre Rolfe