Harvard Research how Thoughts and Visualization effects brain and Physical body.

by. Deirdre Rolfe  Jan., 2017

Playing the piano in your mind – Harvard research study no.1

Recently there was some powerful research conducted by world renown Harvard University that focused on how  our thoughts affect the structure of the brain.  Two groups of people were studied; both groups were people of the same intellect all of whom had never played the piano. One group was given the task of playing piano scales every day for a certain period of time. The other group was given the task of merely thinking about playing the exact same piano scales as group one. They were never to actually play the scales, just to think about playing them.

The results were really consistent with other research studies and prove to be extremely important. All participants had been scanned before the study to measure their brains prior to any activity. After the study, the brains of both groups of participants were scanned again to measure any structural changes to the brain as a result of the piano playing (both imaginary & real).

What’s astounding is that BOTH groups of participants showed that the part of the brain that corresponds with finger movements (from piano playing) had considerably grown. So, even the group who had only thought about playing the piano had also changed their brains as if they had physically been playing the scales.

Flexing your finger in your mind – Harvard research study no. 2

This isn’t the only piece of research that concluded a relationship between our thoughts and our physiology. Harvard conducted a second research study where two groups of participants were engaged, with one group tasked to flex their finger each day for a period of time for a number of weeks. As before, the second group were asked to only think about flexing their finger for the same period of time.

What happened? Incredibly, again, BOTH groups of participants showed increased strength in their finger after the study. So the second group literally became stronger just as a result of thinking about doing the exercises. The stats showed that the first group who physically moved their finger had increased their strength by 53% and the second group had increased their strength by 35%.

These are hugely important findings! Especially when it comes to understanding the science behind our thoughts and the importance of what visualization, and Hypnosis can do for you.

Science proves we are influencing our minds, our emotions and our physiological structure daily with the input of messages we process through our senses.



The Good news is  this:

We can learn to practise daily thoughts, visual rehearsals, tune into our emotions and feelings to create the masterpiece of our lives and not only enhance our lives but direct it.

Think about it. If the Harvard research has shown that you can increase your strength just by thinking about it, what other areas of your life can you change for the better simply by thinking about what you want.

The problem most of us is we THINK about what we want, but we negate it blocking it with doubt, statements that’s its too hard, or we just don’t have the time. Or we encounter set goals but  forget to spend some time imagining the goal , feeling it, envisioning it.

This is the key step .

So today, I challenge you to start your day today, and everyday with a goal. Perhaps it is feeling stronger, happier, to get fit, healthy, enhance your career, or just feel good enough.

Think of what it is you want

Imagine it, clearly, in detail, as if you’ve already achieved it

Notice how it makes you feel, how you look, act, think while doing it.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Getting fit – if you struggle getting to the gym, imagine yourself there before actually going!
  • Getting a new job – if you can’t imagine yourself in the role of your dreams then no one else will! Spend some time picturing yourself doing the job and loving it!
  • Finding true love – instead of thinking about all of your faults, think about how great you would be in a relationship. Imagine yourself with the partner of your dreams.
  • Learning  a new skill – if you have always wanted to play the guitar but can’t picture yourself doing it, now is the chance to change that!


This is scientifically proven. This IS how our brains work.

You can choose it either direct your mind and enhance it with daily rituals like this, or continue to be a passive bystander and allow other people and outside influences to affect it. Either way…your brain IS being influenced. You choose.

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Stay Fierce

Deirdre Rolfe

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Counsellor



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