The Monkey Trap:The art of letting GO


The Monkey Trap





In Southeast Asia many years ago someone developed an ingenious method to catch monkeys alive and unharmed. The “Monkey Trap” which was developed was very simple; the hunter would take a coconut, carve a hole into it and place some dried fruit and nuts inside, then chain it to a tree. The heat of the day would cause the odors of the treats to attract monkeys to the delectable monkey treats. The monkey smells the treats and reaches inside the coconut and grabs onto the fruit and nuts, forming a tight fist. As the monkey attempts to extract the treat from the coconut, the monkey finds that their fist full of food will not fit through the narrow opening. The monkey excited and frustrated will scream as he continues to hold on to his food and attempts to remove it from the coconut. This is a sign for the hunter to walk over to the monkey and throw a net over to capture it. Even as the monkey sees the hunter approaching instead of letting go of the food the monkey holds on to the food tighter and tries even harder to dislodge it’s arm and fist of food from the coconut.

Of course you and I realize that to escape from the monkey hunter, the monkey simply had to let go of the food and it would have easily been able to slide her/his hand out of the coconut and freedom and an abundance of fruit and nuts was all around. All the monkey had to do was LET GO!

We humans would be smart enough to simply let go to gain our freedom, knowing we had other choices all around us…would we not?

Of course we would like to think that we are smart enough to let go of something to gain our freedom, however the truth is, many of hang on to things so tightly that we become fixated, limited, blinded, imprisoning ourselves, when all we have to do is be willing to let go to gain our freedom. To open up to a wealth of choices and opportunity all around us.

Letting go, the art of surrender is one of the hardest things we all face. It’s one of those things we think about, scrutinize over, get stuck in. The reality is, the hardest part is trusting to just do it, just let it go, and then you realized it was much easy than you imagined. Even better than that, is your vision broadens and you now have so much more right in front of you.

So today, take a moment to consider this story in your own life. What/who are you holding on to? Anger, an idea, a person, a negative thought or feeling or statement about yourself, a sense of powerlessness or limitation? What/who do you have a death grip on that you refuse to let go of? What would happen if you decided to let go? How good would it feel to free yourself from your personal “monkey trap”?

It is all up to you, you can decide right now, today to release your grip and walk away, be free!

What will you let go of today?

Deirdre Rolfe

Clinical Hypnotherapist









What you focus on, you create.

The most important component of your mind, is what you focus on, you create.You see we all THINK we are freely, consciously responding to our lives.But the truth is, we are all functionals, responding to our inner programs, most of which we didn’t even design.From the time we are born our subconscious mind is imprinted with billions of bits of information processed through our senses of sight, sound, feeling/touch, taste and smell, filtered as we get older through our values, beliefs and cultural, environmental experiences.These programs become our actions, shape our thoughts, influence our feelings and become what we believe is our reality.Most of these programs you currently live by, are actually the statements, gestures, whispers,actions and reactions of people who helped shape your mind:parents,siblings,aunts,uncles,teachers,clergy,neighbours,strangers,culture,environment.They are even you programs, and yet we feel powerless, stuck on these old outdated 8-track programs that desperately need updating.But most of us don’t even know how to do that.

By the time my clients come to see me, they are frustrated from their own sense of powerlessness and cyclical trance state their lives are stuck on.Addicitons to smoking, over eating, gambling, emotional limitations like stagnant anger or powerlessness, or low self-esteem, anxiety or depression.Feelings of not being “allowed: to express their true selves, of feeling somehow disconnected to the life they feel is stuck in the ritual of mediocre.But here is a secret that’s so profound it’s simple.Within your grasp is the most incredibly powerful opportunity that will unlock this limitless potential in you giving you back the power to reprogram your mind for anything YOU want.This power is the key to how you work and how you can be in complete control of creating all the things you want.This key that unlocks your future is your FOCUS.See most people focus on the problem, not the solution.On the things they hate, those things that limit them or hold them back rather than the goal, or the things you are doing right, can continue to do well.

So, imagine in your hand is a powerful torch (flashlight) with a laser beam intensity.What you shine that light on becomes your range of focus.So let say you were walking down a dark alley and with your powerful torch you simply allowed it to shine on one specific area, which happened to be dirty rubbish covered with rats scurrying all about…if you left it at that your mind would be imprinted with the suggestion and belief that this alley was a dirty, rat infested place.But had you turned you light beam slighty to the left, perhaps you would have seen the night market , with all the curious vendors selling colourful wares.You see you controlled that, you chose to accept and not shine it elsewhere.

In order to reprogram your mind and create the programs that are right for you in your life.Shine that torch on your strenghts.What you can do, are doing, will continue to do.Shine your light on how good you feel making these changes, new choices and focus on all the benefits .As you redirect your focus, your redirect your thinking, as you redirect your thinking , you redirect your feelings, as you redirect your feelings, you redirect your actions.

The more you do this, you create what we call FLOODING.Flooding or repetition is what anchors or imprints your subconscious mind.

So today focus on what you want, what you can do to get what you want, the benefits of getting what you want as if you’ve already received them…and go out and buy yourself a torch.Keep it in your pocket or your purse and several times a day, feel it in your hand, look at it and let it remind you of its power and what it represents.

Deirdre Rolfe

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor