Hypnosislapband,virtualband,banding,hypnolapband….so what is it all about…and does it work…and if it works …how does it work anyways?

I had a client in last week, who came to see me to Stop-smoking, because someone he worked with had seen me to stop smoking with great sucess and he came to me because someone he knew saw me for Hypnogastricband. Word of mouth is my main staple 🙂 Now this new client, told me a remarkable story about that client who had hypnogastricband a few years before…that was incredible. You see , even after 20 years of working as a Clinical Hypnotist, with all the wows and amazement the powers of the mind has shown me…it never gets tired…there is still always another wow moment just around the corner…which proves the limitlessness of our own capabilities.

So, this woman who had hypnogastricband, felt full, in fact she easily let go of weight and in total lost an amazing 60 kilos.But that isn’t even the most amazing part…you see , after just a few weeks of having had the “procedure” she had “symptoms” which prompted her to see her Doctor…they were: re-flux, burping,slight constipation from eating significantly less,low tolerance for more than minimal food solids and slow sipping of liquids,and just a very slight feeling of being tired.The Doctor looked at all of her symptoms and knowing her well asked if she had any surgery she hadn’t told him about as all of her symptoms mimicked someone who had undergone stomach sleeve or band surgery.The client then explained she had had hypnosislapband…her Doctor…was simply, amazed.

Now understand these are powerful results and most people fall into a range of symptoms between controlling their eating, feeling full, and having a mental sense of their experience to the other spectrum of fully and completely Feeling as if the surgery has occurred.Its a powerful result…and Ive seen other powerful cases.

One woman I worked with had essential tremors…we were able to convince her subconscious mind she had a disc placed between the electroneurons that fired causing her to tremor ,blocking them and therefore minimizing the tremors.

So if within the content of a Clinical setting these results are constant and consistent…then out there on our own…i wonder what we are doing…on that autopilot response to positively or negatively influence our physical body…or our emotions…or our approach to the world we live in.

Be very aware of the environment you allow yourself to live in, experience, absorb through your sense…because your environment is as contagious as the common cold.And remember…your subconscious mind…is always listening.

If you are interesting in experiencing the Hypnosislapband procedure, go to http://www.hypnosislapband.com.au and you can purchase the entire program for a fraction of what it would cost in person.Grab a mate and share the price as you receive downloaded audio files you keep 🙂

You are powerful…Hypnosis when done by a Clinical , qualified practitioner…can create instant, long lasting powerful changes.

Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Counselling




Cleaning up the clutter in our lives


Cleaning Up the Clutter in Our Lives

Ever notice how as things get jumbled in your mind those loose papers, and little piles of “things” start to build up. Sometimes we put off alleviating the clutter until we are immersed in it. The more those things build up the more overwhelmed we become as our mind’s become over loaded and we just don’t know where to begin. Life becomes a juggling act as we are constantly running to catch up.

Our moods shift, we feel disoriented, we get foggy brain, gain weight, feel thrown off kilter, always trying to “catch” up on things, spending way more time looking for things than just getting things done. It becomes “contagious” a few drawers become an untidy car, and the more it affects how we feel, the more it can infiltrate into the way we dress, eat, act, think. Clutter IS a powerful metaphor in our lives.

If we wait until the clutter builds up , it can become a very disheartening and tedious experience.

The act of spring cleaning our homes, cars, offices, wardrobe and general environment can often be exactly what we need to have that fresh start.

 Clearing the way and ultimately clearing the mind…clearing our bodies…clearing our lives and work opportunities… for new things.

What are you holding on to that you can let go of in your own environment and within the caverns of your mind?

You may not be able to consciously “identify” any associations from your things to your mind as a lot of this exercise is actually releasing the kinesthetic release. That’s the “emotional” stuff you hold onto in your body. So in removing the clutter…chances are you won’t just THINK clearer…you will FEEL clearer…lighter…more optimistic.

If you find yourself a little overwhelmed, or indecisive or simply feeling stuck in a rut, chances are by clearing your environment you will clear the way in your mind to see a new path.

This is an opportunity for you to prepare your environment for the new seeds of growth you are ready to plant.

The purpose of this exercise is twofold. One is the clutter in our environment and the other is the clutter in our minds. Both situations can generate frustration, exhaustion and much more as we are constantly reminded of things we may or may not have been willing to let go of. They represent holdings on. They could represent nostalgia, memoirs, and laziness … different meanings for different people. Whatever your environment represents for you it’s important to recognize the metaphor as an outward representation of the inward experience.


Start with one room and divide the contents of your “things” into 3 piles,

A) Absolutely throw out

B) Maybe keep

C) Absolutely must keep

Once you’ve done that:

1)      Discard the outs

2)      Negotiate the maybes. Ask yourself;

“Have I worn it in over a year?”, or

“Do I use it or is there some emotional attachment to it?” “Do I just want it, or do I NEED it”

3)      Buy organizers (plastic containers, or boxes) to make your job easier.

You’ll be amazed how wonderful your mind, your body, your work ideas, your emotional wellness and ultimately your new outlook will be.

Deirdre Rolfe


Clinical Hypnotherapy



Lap Band :lapband,gastric lapband,virtual band, Hypnosis lapband, banding, Hypnosis lap band

lap band

lap band

What excatly is hypnosis lapband?

Hypnosis lapband is an exciting “relatively” new discovery in the powerful use of hypnosis.Hypnosis lapband mimics a virtual experience in your deep subconcious mind imbuing powerful hypnotic suggestions that you have experinced lapband surgery, which involes the placement of a tight band around the neck of your stomach.This experince leaves the client believing she or he is FULL, almost effortlessly, allowing them to automatically eat much less, ultimately letting go of weight.This procedure must be performed by someone who is highly trained in Hypnosis and I believe NLP, in order to get the results the client expects.

Are all these names the same thing?

Yes, Hypnosis lapband, virtual band, banding, are all various ways of saying the same thing.There are different shools of training from the U.S. to Spain to the UK.I’ve trained in all fo them AND I was performing Hypnosis lapband for several years in Australia “before” it even hit these shores.I’ve also tained several professional hypnotists in what I beleive is a fusion of the best of the best systems.Ive observed the results with my own clients and kept what worked, elliminated what wasn’t as effective and put to gether the best hypnotic experince that delievered the best poosible consistent results.

Does it work on everyone?

Well YES it could work on everyone.Hypnosis is a natural process that all clients can be highly receptive to.But asking if hypnosis will work on everyone is like asking if everyone is ready to make a change in their life.So the answer is, if you are willing to make a change, then yes this will have a wonderful result.

Does it have any negative effects?

No, there are no negative effects.However thsi was one of my main contentions with some of the current systems of hypnosis lapband in practice.I was very aware that most of them focused on ensuring the client ate a very minimal amount and felt full.Coming from a strong background in Ethics, in fact I taught ethics for years at a private University in Montreal, while working as a student counsellor/teacher in Therapeutic Counselling.My issue was that there was no “safety” devise n place to subconcious ensure the client’s natural internal protection mechanism was in place.So for most people this wouldn’t be a problem, but for those who had a very strong deep response there was nothign stopping them from becomming dangerously underweight or malnurioushed.I therefore imbused a very clear strong  hypnotic suggestion ,in all my sessions , that safeguards this issues and ensures they will always protect their nutritional and energy needs.

Years ago my professor who trained me ( Maurice Kershaw who by the way is a fellow of the National Guild of America and a legend himself) , well he told me of a cleint he had early on in his career who came in for constipation.Maurice did everything correct , had the client imagine in trance she was releasing, letting go…but he forgot to ethically protect her by saying “letting go when you are safely comfortably sitting on the toilet”…so to hi and her shock and horror she DID let go….but in his office.Needless to say it was very early days in his career and a big lessons , and of course I never forgot it as WORDS HAVE POWER…and hypnosis is incredible in how it works.So you see…you must not take the therapeutic relationship lightly….many hypnotists exists…but not many are trained or experinced at the level you need to ensure your are in good safe hands.Do your homework…check their credentials…and trust your gut.A recent study conducted showed gut instincts were right in more than 90 percent of all cases….use yours.

Is that all I need to lose weight?

I specialize in weight , from a mind emotional approach.I wrote my PhD called Get Psyched:A Mind/Emotional approach to weight loss which deals with the issues at a inner programming subconcious level,the source of the issues.So yes Hypnosis lapband will give yout he Psychological boost to let go of weight quickly.However all weight loss , for permanency, requires you adress the emotions, habits and associaitons and impulses at a subconcious level to obtain those permanent results you want.I often suggest to my client to add a session I call S.T.O.P which adresses all of these concerns and even reframes the way you see food and increase motivation.Remember permanecy to weight loss is key….that yo yo effect creates dispondency, plays havoc on your metabolism and creates negative feelings which ultimately effect self esteem.Plus how much energy do you waste on obsessing about food, your body, how you feel, your frustrations.Wouldn’t it be nice to be free, once and for all.

Is Hypnosis lapband only for those who are really overweight?

No.I ve had former pro athletes ho regained weight in their down season who wanted ot let go of a few stubborn kilos.Ive had a range of clients form those who wanted to let go of 5 kilos to 150 kilos.Again the natural protection is in place allowing you to let go of what you need in a way that is Psychologically supportive, and almost effortless.

How can I book in for a session?

If you live in Australia , near the Southeastern town Frabkston in Victoria, call me at 0412106496 or email me at deirdrerolfe@counselloroncall.com.au to book in a 1 on 1 session.If you live in a rural area or out of Australia but want to experince my system , go to my site www.hypnosislapband.com.au and purchase my system which include the virtual gastricband surgery, the post operative Hypnotic session and there is even a 10 min support cd for further reinforcement.

Hypnosis lapband opened the way for other interesting uses of hypnosis in my practice.I have worked with essential tremors and mimic a real surgical procedure that implants a disc that bypasses signals to the brain, reducing tremors…with great results.I have also had sucess with migraines, pain, and restless leg syndrome all utilizing my virtual Doctor.

Hypnosis is powerful and I feel passionate about working in a field I love .One that facinates me and keeps in in a perpetual state of awe and  respect.