Change 1 thing toward craving a healthier YOU


Most people when they come to see me want hypnosis to help them learn how to crave healthy foods.This process is a MIND process involving both the reprogramming of the “habit’s” and “associations” in your subconscious AND the conscious reframe you use when considering foods.Think about it….most of the JUNK or weight gaining food you tell yourself you LOVE…you don’t…what you love is the associations and imagined effect you get from that food.A reward or treat, a reliever of boredom or distraction, a childhood reminder or holiday association.If you REALLY thought about what that food was really made of, what it did to your body and how it made you feel physically and mentally…you wouldn’t just walk away , you’d RUN.

In order to reprogram your mind you need a few factors.

Firstly whatever we do repeatedly with positive reinforced emotions creates a program after approximately 10 x’s of repeating it.So, lets say you want to replace coffee with green tea, each time your each for green tea really think about all the wonderful benefits it offers you.Take time out to really be aware of the ritual ; get your favorite cup, invest in a beautiful teapot, feel the warmth of that mug, and how good you feel as you take time out for you to enjoy each warm soothing sip, feel your skin  beginning to glow and become aware as your  metabolism is revving up with each and every sip.

Because you see, if we really allow ourselves to wake up and become aware of the TRUTH….the truth is…what we know as clean, fresh foods; fruits, vegetables, low GI, dark grainy breads, raw nuts, Essential oils and vitamins, actually can become that food we crave naturally, effortlessly when we focus on what it does for us, and how it makes us feel.

So to get you started….heres 1 thing  you can change today that will create an enormous shift.All you need is to change 1 thing to get the wheels turning in a new direction toward a new healthier happier leaner YOU. 1 thing


Did you know green tea has several amazing healthy properties that can make some powerful changes quickly.Fiirstly green tea revs up your. metabolism and can make you lose weight.But did you know greentea can also reverse the signs of sun damage in skin.Not to mention its a lovely warm soothing drink, perfect for these chilly nights.