The miracle PILL


What if there was a pill that you could take daily, that would give you an instant energy boost, make you feel better about yourself, infuse confidence, de-stress you, calm your nerves, make your mind sharper, clearer, keep you lean, fit,help regulate your emotions and create overall emotional well being. Would you buy it?Would you take it daily?

Well you can…and this pill could be your new drug of choice…and whats even better is this drug is all natural.And what if I told you unlike most drugs that lose their effectiveness over time , this drug gets stronger.And what if I told you this drug is instant and has lingering long-term effects.

So do you want to know what it is?


Yup….that dreaded word is actually your feel good cure to most things that ail you.In fact I tell all my clients if I had a prescription pad I’d be writing EXERCISE 5xs per week or more.Exercise boots those natural chemicals in your body and helps regulate them. Endorphins, serotonin,Dopamine, all that good stuff that keeps your mind, your emotions, your hormones, your inner chemistry, your physical health , in check.And yet…most people ignore its power.

Its easier to turn to cigarettes , drinking, gambling,drugs, excessive shopping, or over eating…right?Wrong! In fact the same formula you used to get “addicted” to those sabotaging behaviors is the same formula you can use to redirect your new drug of choice toward EXERCISE

YES you can CRAVE exercise .

All you need to do is :
Make a decision to change
Dont think…just do it (get up, get dressed, get out the door and look forward to embracing the fresh air and walk…and oh by the way since you are there already walk/run…and when the last thing you feel like doing is walking another minute…add five more.)
Focus on the feel good endorphin , the dopamine the serotonin you get at the end…your feel good daily pill that keeps you OK

The more you do this…the more you crave doing this…the more you exercise and FOCUS On the rewards…the more you crave it.

Grief, depression, stress, anxiety, frustrations….unexpressed parts of you…get trapped in your body….if you dont’ release them, they stagnant turning into chronic depression, generalized anxiety,general malaise, perpetuating a cycle of feeling dis empowered in yourself.

The TRUTH however, is that you possess something very powerful within you…right now…its your MIND.And you can control your mind creating incredible shifts of change, instantly…once you understand the FORMULA and how to direct it…harness its true power.
Ill write more on your mind…or check out my site at

But for today….right now…crave exercise…move more each and every day
Dont think…just do it…focused on how great it feels to get fresh air…focused on the rewards…focused on taking that feel good pill each and everyday…the more you move…the better you will feel…the more in control of you , you become.

Celebrate your greatness

Deirdre Rolfe M.T.C.
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Clinical Counsellor

Ho to get your mojo back?Designed for women but men can follow these rules too.

Did you know one fo the biggest complaints women commonly share is general malaise.Its not “depression” or chronic fatigue syndrome, or low libido, or menopause or just weight gain from overeating…although it could seem like all of these.No, its because you’ve lost your MOJO.

So how do did you lose it?

And more importantly , how do you find it?

Rule # 1

Stop making everyone in your life a priority over YOU

Think about it, if you really want to be a great Mom, Wife, friend or employee or business owner…then you need to take care of you first.That way everyone else gets the happy, positive, refreshed, real you, not the worn out, resentful, sleep deprived grumpy you.

Rule # 2

Get Moving

Nothing will make you feel more empowered, less stressed, happier, control your eating, and open your mind , faster , than exercise.Its the feel good pill you deserve.Crave endorphins not calories.


Get enough sleep.A foogy irritable brain will make foggy irritable decisions creating foggy irritable moods which create foggy irritable actions which create foggy irratible over eating .So, take a warm lingering bath, have a hot cuddly drink, watch a spirit lifitng show on TV or curl up to a good book and get a good night’s sleep.


Yes , have more sex….its good for you.Why…well…let me give you just a few reasons why….

1.Our mental and emotional health balance is clearly influenced by sex. Abstinence is known to causea range from anxiety to paranoia and depression.In fact, in cases of depression,studies show, after having sex the brain releases endorphins, that decrease stress, inducing a state of euphoria, lifing mood. 


Kisiing, holding hands, cuddling are all releasing oxytocin

We need a Break


We need a break.

We are all on technological overload.In fact on average we now use 4.4  hrs per day on information technology consumption, outside of work.Yup, emails, Facebook, twitter, Skype, texting , instagram and all those other apps and social media “habits’ are potentially threatening our Minds and our bodies.We all need a break.Yes, it’s true we are hard-wired for information satisfaction, but the pathway toward that valuable information is overloaded with time delaying ,energy zapping ,brain deteriorating, immune breaking, stress inducing ,WASTE.

How serious is this “habit” of overloading, time-consuming, on call, behaviour?Recent studies indicate a much higher rise in healthy individuals now presenting with Depression and Anxiety. Mental overload weakens the immune system, creates foggy brain, increases anger and can even decreases sexual performance and libido.

Visits to forests have been shown to improve the activity of natural killer cells, our frontline of immune defenders.A Walk  in a forest or contemplation in a forest is associated with lower stress hormone levels and other physiological markers of stress.In a separate study involving 11,00 adults living more than 1 km from  green space,subjects were shown to have a 42 percent increase in stress and poor scores on evaluations of general health, vitality, mental health and bodily pain.

Brainwave activity has been measured using a EEG confirming higher Alpha waves when viewing nature scenes when compared to urban scenes, indicating a state of relaxed wakefulness and lowered anxiety.

Dutch researches reported a prevalence of 15 of the top 24 disease clusters were LOWER in those who lived among (or regularly spent time) in green spaces.

A mere 10 % increase in time spent in green space was associated with resiliency against chronic disease.

In a Korean study on brain imaging  subjects viewing nature scenes increased activity in those brain areas associated with heightened empathy, and altruistic motivation.

Finally in a study on memory those subjects who viewed nature scenes had enhanced accuracy in target detection, faster reaction times, and a higher number of correct responses in the challenges and memory recall.

A walk for just 20 mins to 1 hour, in nature, significantly improves mental performance , mental and emotional wellness and physical health.

For the kids: Similar studies have been proven true for children with ADHD.Get these kids gardening, walking and out in nature for overall health and mental performance at home and school.

So today ,  put your phone down, turn off the computer, and start your “walking” plan, and feel your neurons lighting up in glee.

Deirdre Rolfe

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Stress is the #1 cause of disease.If you have generalized anxiety and or depression or stress, Hypnosis can help you reclaim your life.Book in for a session or call to ask how I can help you be the CALM, confident , BEST you.